The story of a nomadic couple who travels the world

EUTOPIE: A true journey of scents… and senses

Translating to ‘the place of the good’, EUTOPIE reveals the beauty of the world through its memorable scents. EUTOPIE is the story of a nomadic couple traveling the world.

The fragrances embody the aromatic memories of their journeys. Discover EUTOPIE, a name that stems from the word ‘utopia’, a term created by Thomas More in 1516 to describe an ideal society

Seeking for Perfection

Inspiring each perfume creation, EUTOPIE refers to the finest materials and best olfactive encounters of each country visited. EUTOPIE is an on-going story – an unfolding tale of perfume; its aromas encapsulate the exotic cultures of the world. Interpreted with a French touch; elegance and beauty are behind each of the creations.

Elodie Pollet, Perfume Creator

Elodie Pollet, French perfume creator, has long been drawn to the world of fragrance. She has spent over a decade working in the luxury retail and fragrance industry and through her experience she has gained a strong respect for tradition, craftsmanship and quality products created with beautiful raw materials.

Curious to discover the world around her, she has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, discovering cultures and living an on-going tale of memorable travels. The fragrances Elodie Pollet creates, in collaboration with talented noses, embody the aromatic memories of her journeys. They are a series of poems which start with a common Parisian/French background and encounter olfactive cultures and notes from around the world.


  • Eutopie Parfums was the winner of the 2012 European Beauty Innovation Awards in Paris, France, September 2012.
  • Eutopie no4 won the Prix de Parfum Artistique 2013 in June in Berlin, Germany.